Tips for an Effective Music Release Strategy

By Ami Kim on Jul 01, 2019 in Music Promotion - 0 Comments

8 Bulletproof Music Release Strategy Tips

Increase Your Reach and Maximize Engagement

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How To End Writer’s Block. FOREVER.

By Ami Kim on May 02, 2019 in Inspiration , Songwriting - 2 Comments

This month, I’m back with a topic that comes across the table of every writer at least once in their life: “writer’s block”. This topic is something that I’ve found myself in conversations about with some of the best in the business yet it seems to grip even the most talented of pens.

Photo: Calum Macaulay
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Recording Rap Vocals with Compression

By Divine Tracks on Mar 29, 2019 in Recording - 0 Comments

In this video, Sean Divine explains how to use compression during the recording process for a more professional sound and consistent dynamics in your performance.

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