Featured Beats

  Name Type BPMStarting at
TOUGH IT OUT Hip Hop, Trap 152$25.00Buy
DIAL TONES RNB, Trap Soul 154$25.00Buy
DIFFERENCES Hip Hop, RNB 155$30.00Buy
FIGARO Hip Hop, Trap 150$25.00Buy
PICCOLO Hip Hop, Trap Soul 144$25.00Buy
HIGHS Hip Hop, RNB 80$25.00Buy
TO THE FULLEST Hip Hop, RNB 157$30.00Buy
TRAFFIC Hip Hop, Trap 156$30.00Buy
SHAOLIN Hip Hop, Trap Soul 120$25.00Buy
COME HOME RNB, Soul Hop 80$30.00Buy
COMING CLOSER (WITH HOOK) Soul Hop, With Hook 75$45.00Buy
COMING CLOSER Rock, Soul Hop 75$25.00Buy
HEAVEN + EARTH (WITH HOOK) Trap Soul, With Hook 134$30.00Buy
ANY DAY NOW Hip Hop, Soul Hop 77$30.00Buy
NOT ORDINARY Hip Hop, Trap 65$30.00Buy
ENIGMA Chill Hop, Hip Hop 123$25.00Buy
RIDE THE WAVE Club, EDM 130$25.00Buy
ENDURE Hip Hop, Soul Hop 130$30.00Buy
RETURN THE FAVOR Hip Hop, Rock 89$30.00Buy
THANK YOU Chill Hop, RNB 90$30.00Buy