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Featured Tracks

  Name Type BPMStarting at
THE HAVE NOTS Cinematic, Trap 65$25.00Buy
TOO MUCH Hip Hop, RNB 120$25.00Buy
BEST OF ME (WITH HOOK) Pop, With Hook 132$40.00Buy
HOLDING ON Hip Hop, Soul Hop 85$25.00Buy
PART OF THE PLAN Cinematic, Hip Hop 64$25.00Buy
LOVE LANGUAGE Pop, RNB 105$25.00Buy
LAVENDER TOWN Hip Hop, Soul Hop 89$25.00Buy
CRISIS Hip Hop, Trap 128$25.00Buy
BROKEN Hip Hop, Trap 128$25.00Buy
LEAD THE WAY Rock, Soul Hop 115$25.00Buy
WIND CHILL Cinematic, Hip Hop 134$25.00Buy
LOTUS BLOOM RNB, Trap Soul 113$25.00Buy
FLAGRANT Hip Hop, Trap 172$25.00Buy
WHAT YOU’VE DONE Chill Hop, Soul Hop 86$25.00Buy
ALL OR NOTHING Cinematic, Trap 134$25.00Buy
VIBIN EDM, Pop 130$25.00Buy
WONDER IF Hip Hop, Soul Hop 172$25.00Buy
ACT LIKE Club, Trap 89$25.00Buy
CAPS LOCK RNB, Soul Hop 76$25.00Buy
GLORY TO GOD Chill Hop, Hip Hop 172$25.00Buy