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How to Write a Catchy Hook in 5 Simple Steps

By Ami Kim on Oct 01, 2019 in Songwriting - 0 Comments

With most great, world-renowned songs, the “holy grail” is a catchy hook / chorus. This is the part that listeners remember the most and usually get “stuck” in their head for months, if not years to come. This month, we dive and dissect the seeming mysteries of this “holy grail” as applicable to writers in Top 40 genres of music. Here are 5 simple steps you can use to write a catchy hook – and if you can accomplish all 5, you are well on your way to writing and landing your song in the heart of the masses 🙂

Photo: Erin Biafore
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The Making of the Rap Flow

By Zack Fraley on Aug 21, 2019 in Songwriting - 2 Comments

Rap, an acronym for rhythm and poetry, is the symbiotic movement of rhythm, poetry, and sound. These elements working together make a rap song.

Today, I am going to focus on developing cadence, or the “rap flow,” that is the defining characteristic of a rapper’s technical proficiency. This skill determines your influence and authority over the art form itself and the languages being used to construct the lyrics to a rap song.

You are a good writer, so how can you turn your words into a professional sounding rap song?

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How To End Writer’s Block. FOREVER.

By Ami Kim on May 02, 2019 in Songwriting , Inspiration - 2 Comments

This month, I’m back with a topic that comes across the table of every writer at least once in their life: “writer’s block”. This topic is something that I’ve found myself in conversations about with some of the best in the business yet it seems to grip even the most talented of pens.

Photo: Calum Macaulay
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