Song Contest – 2016 Winners

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Song Contest 2016 – Winners

In March 2016, we challenged songwriters and artists across the world to submit their best original song using a Divine Tracks beat. Choosing the winners was no easy decision; with nearly 200 entries, the diversity and talents displayed were very impressive. Winners were selected by Divine Tracks Producers according to these areas: Originality, Creativity, Songwriting Ability, Sound Quality. On behalf of the entire Divine Tracks team, we’d like to congratulate the winners and also thank all of you who participated!

Jenny Vinatieri

Grand Prize
Jenny Vinatieri – “Rainbow”

Rode NT2-A Multi Pattern Condenser Microphone
5 Standard Leases fron Divine Tracks
Interview Feature – Check out our Interview w/ Jenny Here

Nate Fisher - Divine Tracks Song Contest Winner

Second Prize
Nate Fisher – “Castle”

Rode NT1 Cardoid Condenser Microphone
3 Standard Leases fron Divine Tracks


Third Prize (Tie)
Mike Xavier – “I Remember”
Saint Xavier – “Idle Hands”

Rode iXY Stereo Microphone for iPhone and iPad
3 Standard Leases fron Divine Tracks

Honorable Mentions
Freysh Prince – “Start Over”
KMJ – “Unbearable”
Michael – “This Is It”


Adam Shinn April 12th, 2016

Wow! That Nate Fisher joint is FLAMES! Smooth. Congrats to the winners! All of their entries are great.

Austin April 12th, 2016

Whoo!! Jenny Vinatieri!! Great song

Eli Muhl April 12th, 2016

Digging Rainbow! Great hook! She is smooth!

Elody McIlhargie April 12th, 2016

Can’t stop dancing to Rainbow! Great song!

Phil April 12th, 2016

We all need a Rainbow to hold on to. I found mine. Thanks Jen! You’re amazing.

Mike Xavier April 12th, 2016

Thanks a lot for such a great opportunity and actually choosing my song as a prize winner. I really appreciate it. For anyone interested, you can find more of my music at SoundCloud.Com/MikeXavier

-Mike Xavier

Tiffni Woodworth April 12th, 2016

Jenny Vinatieri did an “Awesome,” job! Rainbow is inspiring and has a great message that promotes growth in all of us. Fun beat and great to get your feet moving. All around “Magical,” song!

Dee Anna Thompson April 12th, 2016

Rainbow is amazing!!! Wow, no wonder why it is in first place, I can’t stop playing it!

Jenny Vinatieri April 13th, 2016

I’m so flattered to be the Grand Prize winner especially after hearing the rest of the winning entries. I’m blown away by the talent! Thanks so much for the opportunity to show case my song and for all of your support. I love Divine Tracks! There are so many great beats to choose from!

Debbie Dunn April 13th, 2016

Lovin Rainbow….Congratulations Jen!

Annie April 13th, 2016

All great artists…congrats especially to Jenny Vinatieri! Love the positive, catchy vibe!

Duals April 13th, 2016

Mike Xavier’s “I Remember” is real. Would have been my vote easily, but congratz to the winners

Ildiko April 13th, 2016

Very addicting with such an awesome energy to great beat that makes you get on the dance floor and just dance none stop! Can’t stop listening to this!

Angel Kadrmas April 14th, 2016

Still pumping to this great track. Proud of you Jen!!

Shy Turner April 14th, 2016

Great songs….
I really love everything about Nat Fisher “Castle”

Jenny Venatieri “Rainbow” I was really enjoying it,and then when the colors came in it made me want to dance… Excellent club song

Mike Xavier “I Remember” and Saint Xavier “Idle Hands” nice songs/lyrics

I didn’t win but this contest just makes me work harder… I really had fun, and look forward to doing it again… Thank you to everybody at Divinetracks.com, and CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL THE WINNERS

Tremayne Jamison April 16th, 2016

I can really relate, and vibe to “Rainbow” as well as seeing how color plays a big roll in our society… This songs makes me feel like nothing else matters, but love man, I can dig it!

Renetta April 18th, 2016

Love Rainbow! Rock on Jen V!!

Michael May 4th, 2016

Congratulations to all of the winners! The talent is amazing, and the variety of music created through this contest is a testament to the diversity of Divine Tracks. Thank you again for providing us artists with original, one-of-a-kind melodies to express ourselves through…

For anyone interested in checking out my honorable mention track, it can be found at soundcloud.com/iamykal

Jonnie Memphis May 21st, 2016

Nate Fisher wow!!!!!!!! Amazing song Beautiful if I may say so myself

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