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Successfully Sell Your Music Online (Be Your Own Label)

By Divine Tracks on Apr 18, 2018 in Music Promotion - 0 Comments

In this video, Sean Divine breaks down key steps to successfully sell your music online.

The music industry is evolving and the potential paths to a successful music career have changed for the better. Tools that use to be limited to only major record labels are now at your fingertips for mixing, mastering, distribution, networking and song placements…

5 Keys To Successfully Sell Your Music Online

Key #1: Achieve Professional Quality
It’s essential that your recording, mixing and mastering quality be optimal. This will help your music “compete” with other commercially viable songs as your listeners are browsing their favorite music platforms.

Key #2: Choose the Best Distribution Service
Music distribution has seen drastic changes in the last 5 years, placing the power in the indie artists hands to release their own music. By using a distribution service like Distrokid, indie artists and labels can be discovered by having their music in all digital stores, track sales in realtime and add credits for digital releases.

Key #3: Organic Marketing
After your music has been released, there is still work to be done to ensure listeners find out about your efforts. A great way to have listeners stumble upon your latest release is to land a blog post or feature with sites like DJ Booth and Rapzilla. Having your music show up in popular playlists on services like Spotify and Apple Music can also play a big role in accelerating streams and sales quickly.

Key #4: Creative Social Media Interaction
Plan interactive content following your music releases on social media to keep the conversation and interest going. It’s crucial to optimize posts for momentum to work on your side in consistently driving interest to your songs. Always stay in touch with your following and converse with them directly.

Key #5: Seeking Music Placements
Major “sync” placements in television, film and advertising opens up a new world of exposure and revenue generating opportunities. Do your research on connecting with music supervisors and other media professionals that can help get your music placed to peak interest.

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